Monday, October 12, 2009

FevaKuza FTW @ MSL 2009!

FevaKuza managed to secure a neat win as 3rd Runner Up at the recent Malaysian Super Lite (MSL) 2009 held at the Malaysian Paintball Academy (MAPAAC) from 10th-11th October 2009.

We bagged medals and RM400 prize money. But the biggest win for us was the priceless experience to play as a two become one team, the friendly fires, the flag runs across the entire field, the marker jams, and not forgetting the reverse hand swings at warm up -- which almost everyone, untill today, still not get the hang of.


More on that and juicy details to come! Stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Yakuza Will Join Feva At MSL

MSL will be held on 10 and 11 October 2009 at ASTAKA in Petaling Jaya. Its our home ground. However for this MSL, Yakuza will not be able to compete as a team but join force with playersfrom Feva Community. Only Marcus, UNCzee and Ashley is around and from Feva Community we have Verat , Kevin and Yoon Kit. Evo and brother Ego is away on training in China and will not be back until late October. 
Training was held at ASTAKA on 12 September together with Feva - Revolution who will be playing in D3. More photos of the last training HERE

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Paintball Vids Galore!

Alot of run and gun action


This is some helluva pep talk!!

They won. (i think it works, the pep talk, i mean. LOL)

Laning and reaching for pod while running action



And the grand finale:





Monday, July 27, 2009


We have seen athletes eating banana during breaksin competition. While banana is easily digested and can help one from feeling hungry, what is the advantages of taking it? Many coaches have been asking this question during coaching courses especially when the topic of sports nurtition is being discussed.

I talk to a friend who is a nurtitionist at my office over breakfast recently.

One of the content of banana is potassium. The body needs potassium to trigger the potassium pump which is located beneath the skin. This potassium pump will then trigger the symphatetic and parasymphatetic nervous system. If you do not know what these system are, the simple explaination is the fight or flight mechanism of your body. It tells your body to retaliate or to run away in situation emergency. So, if you were walking and saw a dangeruous animal, the symphatetic (concious) nervous system will make you defence yourself by confronting it or the parasymphatetic (subconcious) nervous system will relay the message to the message to the brain telling the body to run away.

Therefore is does not contribute much to the energy system during games. Just remember that the main source of energy is derived from carbohydrate after being stored as glycogen in the mitochondria. Ahh...too scientific uh? If carbohydrate is depeleted, then fat will come into the picture. So, ur body needs carbohydrate as main source of energy and protein to repair damaged tissues especially after training and competition.

For paintballers going to My NPL 2009 at Dataran Pahlawan on 1 and 2 August, you have to consume carbohydrate now to help increase the glycogen store and be used during the competition. Take banana now to increase the postassium store. Remember what you take on the particular day will be used later and not on the spot. The body need to process the food that you consume. Then after the tournament, increase your protein intake to help the body repair damaged tissues during competition. Yes, there are damaged tissues in your body due to usage even though you do not see any bruise on your skin.

Read also HERE.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Melaka, HERE WE COME!!

Well peeps, looks like Team Yakuza will be making it to the 4th leg of the National Paintball League (MY NPL) too!

1-2 August 2009
(31 July field walk and Team's Captains meeting)

What's going to happen:
Friday: 2 pm - 7 pm (Field Walking)
Friday: 8 pm - 9.30 pm (Team's Captain Meeting)

Saturday: 8 am - 6 pm Game on! Prelims - D2 + D3 teams play morning, D1 + D4 afternoon.
Aiyayoh. I no visor. LOL
(Site closes at 2030hrs)
Sunday: 8 am - 5 pm Game on! Finals

Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka.

Here it is...

So green, so serene...

Image Hosted by

But it will soon be this on Aug 1 and 2!! XD

Image Hosted by

MY NPL 2008.

We can't wait. =D

Gambateh yohz!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

World Games 2009, Koahsiung, Taiwan

Malaysia vs Iran

Malaysia vs Germany

Our local heroes in action in the World Games 2009, Koahsiung, Taiwan just recently.

They went up against quite formidable teams like the Datis from Iran -- Iran's #1 update: I stand corrected -- and the Germans! XD

They may have lost the battle, but the fight is still raging for the war!

They return with their heads held high; having had such a wonderful experience playing international, like Rudy said. =)

None is lost, the experience they bring back with us will boost out local teams im Malaysia!

I just feel like typing this, "Biar Putih Tulang Jangan Putih Mata"

The translation loosely means, it is better to die fighting than to live crying in regret till the eyes becomes blind. In other words, Death Before Dishonour. XD

Read more info about the World Games 2009.

Also, check out these matches:

Taiwan vs Japan

Australia vs Taiwan

Australia vs Japan


What ever the outcome, WELL DONE DELTA ROVERS!!! XD

Monday, July 20, 2009

Can't help but feel a sense of pride

I was flipping thru some FaceFull piantball magz which i borrewed from MAPAAC, courtesey of Ah Wei, last week.

Then i came upon THIS advertisment on one of the back pages:

Image Hosted by

Can you see it?

So small, yet so obvious: MY NPL in the ASEAN region!! Wootz!

I can't help but feel a sense of pride.

Paintball rocks!! XD

Thursday, July 16, 2009

An Awesome Paintball Mix (MUST WATCH!!)

People!! You've gotta watch this vid! Dam chun!! Tak menyesal punya! XD

0:29 - Swift snake makes the kill look effortless

0:46 - One for One *EVo, you will love this! XD

2:00 - This dude makes it look guud doing what we must never do on the field! XD

2:09 - Run to the centre 50 with style! Settle for no less! XD

2:37 - Hamster moving into the snake!! (Mojosh, this is for you man...!) XD

Fantastic song!! wootz!

Monday, July 6, 2009


Melaka, here we come!! XD

We hope to train up and be ready for MY NPL Round 4, which will be held at Dataran Pahlawan, Melaka on the 1-2 August 2009!

And we heard its turf ground we'll be playin on... wooh! XD

Here are the field layouts for the leg:

Field 1:


Field 3:

*Taken with permission from MY NPL.

For more info or to register, long on to
(this line sounds like the end of a community service announcement on radio eh? haha)

Monday, June 29, 2009


Paintball Team YAKUZA Tigers is not that gokudo, the Japanese organised crime syndicate of Japan and have no physical or spiritual connection whatsoever. Its a name emerged during the Advertlets Bloggers Paintball Tournament organised by Advertlets, an online advertising company. Officially during that tournament participants without teams were grouped together and the Yakuzas were made of first time paintbal players and hardly knew each other. 17th July mark the birth date of YAKUZA paintball team.

The new team unexpectedly did well during the tourney and emerged first runners up which entitle the team to participate in My NPL 2009 League, organised by My-NPL and MAPAAC.

Yakuza participated in the first league of My-NPL as a Division 4 team and ranked 13th out of 28 teams. Being at that spot, we qualified to the sweet 16 round but was eliminated. Considering first time players it was quite an achievement for the team and that was on Valentine's Day 2009.
TOP: The initial YAKUZAs. From Left; Celine, Din, Evo, UNCle, MaRCus

After the Bloggers Tournament, Celine pulled out and Yakuza rope in Josh from Advertlets as a new member to play in the MyNPL league.
Team members that took part in My-NPL. From Left: UNCle, MaRCus, Josh Lim, Din, Evo

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Why i LIKE paintball + MY NPL 09

Image Hosted by
Aside from the happeing logo above, here's a few reasons why i LIKE paintball + MY NPL 2009

#1. I get to meet up with old friends, some meeting for the first time in like 6 YEARS, and of course, making cool new ones!

First of all, MUST be the one and only Simon Chang, one year my senior back in St. John's. I have my chance in the Prefectorial Board all thanks to him for sacking rejecting me in my Librarians interview back in Form 1. OMG. lol
Image Hosted by
And there was another senior from St. John's, was in Form 5 when i was in Form 3. Adrian. He plays for the Team Sinar FM because he works with ASTRO. :-)

Plus, another abang, around Simon's batch too, i think, Khairul. I still remember the 1st thing he told Simon when we met during our crash course the Sunday before NPL, "Oh, i ingat dia.. pengawas kan? haha.. its payback time!!" And he just left and entered the field. He was a librarian, just like Simon, and guess what? Apparently librarians not so ngam with prefects lar that time.. LOL. But he's a cool guy! XD

Also, Ritaudeen, my junior (or same batch, can't remember, sohree..LOL) from St. John's too! It was on the final day, when Din and i headed back into the players' paddock hoping to sell our left over pallets to Team Infidelz (yea.. i know the irony.. tell me abt it... hahaz), and we crossed paths. He yelled, "Marcus!!" and i went, "Heeeeeyyyyyyyy.......... (thats what i do to buy time to recall the names of ppl i forget, i pull my greeting.. LOL), you're.... OMG.. i can't remember, but your so familar..." *then suddenly something clashes in my head, and i went...* "RITAUDEEN!!!!"

Haha. That was seriously what went down that time man.. LOL. He's a dam chun guy. Been in paintball for awhile now. Was heading off when we met. Even offered to buy our left over pallets! What a nice guy that fella.. :-)
Image Hosted by
Edwatd and Ritaudeen aka Reet

Then there was also Nabil Adib, my schoolmate of the same batch of 2002. He said hi to me first, but when i saw him, i instantly knew who he was! Woohoo!! Coincidently, his team is Black Pearl (after the infamours Capt. Jack Sparrow's pirate ship) in D$ in the same tourney! Too bad didn't get to face off with him. LoL
Image Hosted by
Nice pic leh? Snagged it off his FB albums. LOL

Not to mention a dear friend of mine, who also happens to run the Putra Paintball Park in Putrajaya with a bunch of other paintballers, Adiman. He was team captain of Team Kejahatan. Too bad to pics of the good looking blokes. LOL. It was indeed a pleasant surprise to have meet him AND gone up against Team Kejahatan, to which we triumphed. :-D

Of course, i nearly forgot, Khoo Kah Jin, a friend from the Kendo Club of Malaysia!! We trained together at the Japan Club years ago, and havent been in contact since, untill MY NPL 09!! Woohoo!! He's in D3 or D2 already, btw.. dam terra this guy. :-D

All in all, a pleasantky unexpected reunion! XD XD XD

Also worthy of mention, the few NEW friends that ive made throughout MY NPL 09:
Image Hosted by
Andrew "Viper" and Edward

Both were seasoned paintballers. During our crash course, we needed to skirmish with another D4 team, but there were non around, and they volunteered to team up with Simon to train us. So it was like 3 against 5 of us. And all on their own pallets mind you, okay?! Where can find people like them? Who's all in for the LOVE of the game?

Viper went in the field with shorts and suffered a bruise on the right knee delivered by Josh, and yet, wlaking out of the field, he had a smile on his face which spelled "For the LOVE of the game.." Ouch! :-D

Really nice guys. And im glad to have made their efforts worth wild by making it as far up as the Sweet 16. Thanks guys!

Image Hosted by
L-R: Tony "Icecool", Man, Marnee, Kay Yo, Faz, Adli

And finally, the team we all feared before, and are respected now as friends. Their sportmanship is dam chun and that's of the many things i admire about them. GO Alpha Marksman GO!! XD

#2. There's a new parking experience!

I only heard about this from my friend who was living in the SPPK flats in Pantai Dalam, that when people double park at the flats (its a nessecity at the flats, mind you), they leave their hand brakes down so that others may PUSH THEIR CARS FORWARDS OR BACKWARDS TO MAKE SOME SPACE TO GET OUT. And sometimes, the car may be parked at the start of the road, and will end up at the end of the road after a day long of pushing forwards and backwards...

I laughed at it. And i didn't imagine i would live to see the day i ACTUALLY had to push an unidentified car who was blocking my Grease Lighting.

My heart sank when i caw this from afar. I was like, "AYIOK!! Die lor this time...!!!" I frantically looked for a number over the dashborad to call, but there were'nt any!! PANIC!!! PANIC!! Oh, then i remembered the SPPK flats. So i tired to push the car backwards. And it MOVED... Thanks goodness! XD XD XD
Image Hosted by
You see lah how near it was parked to my car!! And the fact that my car didn't have the right side mirror made it possible for the car to be at such an impossible distance from mine!
Image Hosted by
Yea, i put the camera on the top and posed. So what? I actually did push it before that okay?! LOL

And another thing, just when i thought that cars parked at the venue would be summon-free (becaus usually the authorities will close on eye be more understanding during big events like MY NPL), how wrong could i be...
Image Hosted by
Summoned and Splattered! XD

And no matter how far you park, your car may just be the lucky one to be splattered by rogue pallets which bounce off the field and onto everywhere else -- yea, including you cars.. LOL

#3. Most, if not all, paintballers take the game seriously. And they're very helpful too.

You MUST see the other, more seasoned paintballers. They take the game so seriously, you thnk there's moneyto be made! Their aura and team spirit really makes you feel like you're a part of them. Best giler! XD XD
Image Hosted by
Siap with team's banner sumore. Dam die hard sia.. :-D
Image Hosted by
And luggage bags.
Image Hosted by
And mats! They know better that two tables and 6 chairs aren't enough.
(mental note: get Japanese bamboo mat for Team Yakuza next time round! =P )

I wish i could say more, but you've really gotta see it to feel it for yourself. Then during our last game with Team Infidelz, while i was rushing to fill up our loaders, a paintballer who happened to walk by noticed a hissing sound, and suggested we check for gas leaks. True enough, one of the marker's gas tank was faulty, and gas was leaking!! I mean, he was just walking by, and with all the noise in the atmosphere, how could he have heard that?!! And so nice and sportsman-like of him to inform us too!

I've experienced first hand in a paintball tourney. WOW. :-D

#4. I get to meet a 'special' breed of people. :-D

These 'special' breed of people are non other than the referres in a paintball match!!
Image Hosted by
They look cool.

They are fearless.

And they have the power to rule over all in the field.

But these people also live a dangerous life, metamorphically speaking. :-D
Image Hosted by
See? Must TWO to check a player sumore.. XD


I mean, like whao kan..?! Here we are, playing the most exciting extreeme sports on the planet, and even we are dodging pallets, but not the referres. They're steadfast to their mission: check a player and justly shouts "OUT!!" with left hand on head and right hand pointing at player when the player is hit.

I saw one ref got hit right in the neck while we was rushing in to check a player. These people braver than pengebom berani mati lar.. hahaz. And sometimes, when the results are disputed, they also have to put up with dissatisfired players who are fuming and all.. All in a days work, i guess?
Image Hosted by
Doesn't this pic just screams, "Yeah, we love it!! Hit us more!" :-D
(you hit us on purpose, and we'll disqualify you..LOL)

Still can smile even after being hit by pallets for absolutely NO REASON at all... Hats off to them man! Besides, i bet they'll say its for the LOVE of the game.. haha!

Why they're a 'special' breed you ask? Because they get the thrill is getting hit by pallets. So much until if tak kena, not syiok! hahaa...

#5. I get a full workout and sweat like a dog person who sweat alot after workout. XD

Image Hosted by
This one leaving the players' paddock. STILL sweating and all. Lucky thing for the hallowed army shirt. LOL. But in all seriousness, paintball works you all over. Once the adrenaline strats pumping, you will feel more alive than ever before! Your legs need to be stretched out well before a game because you will need to run, slide, and dive into bunkers -- at the same time avoiding pallets flying at you! XD

Then, to be able to snapshoot, you will need to work on your right and left abdomen muscles. Learn more about snapshooting here. Being agile and flexible is a must. And hey, you get to train your communication in paintball too!! Especially the shouting part... LOL. Mental control and preparedness are also tested in paintball. So, its a all rounder! XD

#6. They allow you to use 'creative' photos for your ID tag. :-)

Image Hosted by
Yours truly, ME!! LOL
(don't you just wana pinch my cheecks?!! haa..)

#7. MAPAAC people rawks! Esp the Boss, Mr. Wong! :-D

Image Hosted by
A photo for the marketing effort. lol :-D

No kidding man. He may look like a typical Chinaman, but he's no Chinaman when it comes to building strong lasting relationships. Other places, money first, then you may talk. Or better still, NO MONEY, NO TALK. But not here, not at MAPAAC, at least not when Mr. Wong is around. ;-p

He understand what us players go through (mainly because he's a player too.. in D1 sumore know.. haha), so he tries to make it easy for us. He discusses to find the best win win situation for both parties. Car parked too far, but need to urgently buy a box of pallets, but RM200 in the car, nevermind, you take first, record down, pay later. What a nice guy. And his brother, Ah Wei, is also exceptionally kind and generous. In all ways and means.

I personally experienced his generosity during my crash course. Can you believe i came all the way to ASTAKA, and found out i forgot my SHOES?!!!! Bugger! @_@ I just happen to mentioned my predicament to him, and in 20 mins, he loaned me a pair football boots!! Like OMG..!!! Thank you Wei!!!

Mr. Wong and Ah Wei are never trifty about any information when paintball is concerned. They can, and they probably will, talk to you about paintball until the cows come home, IF you're as passionate and turned on about the sport as they are. Try them, and you'll see what i mean. :-P

Well folks, thank you for coming this far with me. My post about MY NPL 2009 ends here. Do look out for more paintball updates when i go for more tourneys in the near future! Thanks for reading. :-)

And for those of you who are as turned on about the sport as i am, you know what to do:

YP Wong @ 016-332 3370 / 019-983 3370
WY Wei @ 016-332 3372 / 012-337 0775

Malaysian Paintball Academy (MAPAAC)
Kompleks Sukan Astaka
46200 Petaling Jaya, SDE
Tel/Fax: 03-7960 4724
Web: //

"For the LOVE of the game", some one once told me... :-D